Our agency is built on 4 essential values: authenticity, teamwork, honesty and curiosity. We operate by these principles integrating them in everything we do.

Five colleagues sitting together at a table, one is looking at his screen, the other four are playing and laughing together
Two colleagues (a guy and a girl) looking towards the camera while sitting in the office
One guy climbing and looking strong

At Great Company, our people are our most valuable asset. We cherish diversity, embracing unique perspectives and interests, be it coffee, football, kombucha, climbing, or anything else.

Our open culture fosters a family-like atmosphere where colleagues are encouraged to be their authentic selves.

Five colleagues eating pizza at the table, having fun

When faced with challenges, we find strength and support in our collective unity, knowing that we are not alone in our struggles.

Working as a team empowers us to accomplish great results and overcome problems we couldn’t tackle individually. Our strength lies in our differences, allowing us to see challenges from multiple perspectives and realize the potential of every opportunity.

Three colleagues playing OXO together
Three colleagues working together at a table
Three colleagues playing mastermind together at a table

While working closely together, we are able to constructively give and receive feedback. Only when you are honest and transparent in your actions, words and thoughts, trustworthy relationships arise. Not only between our colleagues but also with our clients. 

We believe in the importance of support, open-mindedness, and forgiveness. Together we can turn failure into valuable teaching moments.

Two colleagues staring at something in the office and pointing at it
Seven colleagues getting a tour about processing wine at a winery
a laptop with a person on the screen looking funny

We are eager to explore new ideas and perspectives, and are always looking for new ways to improve and innovate. Proactive in our approach, we are not afraid to take on new challenges.

Like kids on Christmas morning we flock together whenever a new piece of technology arrives, eagerly waiting until we can play with it, analyse it or even take it apart. Always a recipe for a great night. Some of the best ideas are made while having fun, curious isn’t it?

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